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Q. How important is picking out the right mattress.
A. You spend about a third of your life on a mattress so when you consider how important sleep is and how much of our lives we actually spend in our beds, it becomes clear why buying the right bed is important.

Q.  Where are your product made?
A.  Spinal Care Beds is a private label product of 5 Star Mattress which has contrated Serta to make all of their products. The line designed for specialty retailers that have less floor space and want the best bed for the money for their customers.

Q. What materials are used to make your mattress?
A.  Most Mattresses use verticoil steel springs, convoluted foam, resin pads, cotton felt, polyurethane foam, Viscoelastic Memory foam, Foam Encased Coils, Dacron fibers and damask or knit ticking.

Q. What is a damask cover?
A. A damask cover is a high quality woven fabric. with a high cotton content.

Q. How often should I turn or flip my mattress?
A. At one time turning, flipping and rotating were techniques used by all manufactures to extend the life of a mattress.  Today Spinal Care Beds and others market single-sided (no turn) products since thick double sided mattress have been one major cause to sinks and sags in the mattress.  Todays single-sided mattress will also last longer and provide more comfort and support if you rotate it occasionally.

Q. How long should a mattress last?
A. How long a mattress lasts depends on how it is used.  Premium mattresses slept on nightly will provide reasonable levels of comfort and support for about 10-12 years.  Your size and weight will affect the product's longevity just as a vehicle's weight affects the mileage you get from automobile tires.  High occupancy hotels replace their mattresses in 3-8 years, depending on the policy of the hotel.

Q. What size mattress is best for me?
A. Most of the time it is more important that you get the size mattress that fits you instead of the room that you are putting it in.  Space is a critical component of a good night's sleep since the larger the mattress, the better the opportunity you have for a good night's sleep. Fact: two people sleeping in a full size bed have less individual space than a baby in a crib.  A full size mattress is 54 inches wide; a crib mattress, 28 inches wide!  You will not regret purchasing a larger mattress even if it means new bedroom furniture.

Q. Do I need to buy the set or can I buy just the mattress?
A. Yes, you can buy just the mattress or the box if you need a new one.  However, we recommend you replace the set if you are replacing one piece, but if you do only buy one piece your warranty will still be valid.

Q. What is the difference between a Pillowtop and a Eurotop Mattress.
A.  A pillowtop mattress has extra layers of upholstery material, padding, sewn into a attached part on the top of the mattress.   Pillowtops are visually attractive and usually traditionally thicker than regular mattress.  With the extra padding you can get a different fill to the bed and the extra padding makes the beds more comfortable.  A Eurotop is virtually the same thing as a Pillowtop but uses extra Cording versus extra fabric plus stiching.

Q. Do I need special sheets for this mattress?
A. Mattresses under 9 inches thick are considered standard products, so special sheets are not needed. Products 9-13 inches thick are considered high contour mattresses thus requiring deep pocket sheets. Mattresses over 13 inches thick are considered custom products and require special sheets.
Q. Is there a warranty on your products?
A.  By definition a warranty is the manufacturer's guarantee that the product will be free from any warranted defects in materials or workmanship for the warranty period.   Some companies choose to lengthen the factory warranty in an attempt to gain credibility with consumers and have 15, 20, 25 and some time even 30 year warranties.  What most customers are unaware of is that these warranties are Pro-Rated for a shorter time, for instance a  15 year warranty is pro-rated after only 3 years, meaning that the manufacture will only replace the mattress within the first 3 years and after that will just give you a discount if you want to buy a new set.   Responsible manufacturers understand they have an obligation to be completely honest with consumers that's why Spinal Care Beds only sells mattresses with Non Pro-Rated Warranties.  Using the common sense approach, it is easy to see that "lifetime" or exaggerated warranties are inflated and unrealistic. Many companies issuing such warranties have not been in business as long as their warranties!

Q. I have had my bed a few months and I already have body impressions. Will the body impressions get worse over time?
A.  Most settling of the components in your sleep system is going to happen within the first weeks of ownership.  If you purchase your bed from one of our Authorized Dealers you will notice that your mattress was usually manufactured less than a few months before your purchase so they are really brand new beds and need some time to for the materials to settle in after you sleep on them.  You should expect some degree of body signature, but deeper impressions should not occur.  If they do, please contact the dealer where you originally purchased your sleep system to see if your mattress qualifies for replacement.

Q. How do I keep my mattress clean?
A.  Spinal Care Beds recommends using a mattress pad, which will help to protect your sleep system from accidents that result in stains.  Stains can cause padding deterioration and will void your product warranty.

Q.  What happens if I get the bed home and do not like it?
A.   The first thing you should consider after buying a new bed is purchasing new sleeping pillows.  This is the most important accessory to your new sleep system, and the smaller the better!   A queen or king size pillow, though it may look nice when the bed is made up, is too large of a pillow for most people to sleep with.  We recommend a pillow that supports your neck and head in a natural way.

Secondly, give yourself two to three weeks to allow the bed to start conforming to your body, and to allow your body to adjust to getting the proper postural alignment.  You may have been sleeping out-of-alignment for the past few years and did not realize your bed was not doing its proper job.  It may take a few days before you appreciate the proper support your mattress is providing.